Speaker Series


At the Cayman Islands National Museum we strive to educate the community on the unique natural and cultural heritage of the Cayman Islands through our programmes, exhibits, and collections. We are proud to launch our brand new Speaker Series, an exciting addition to our current educational programmes. Running every first and third Tuesday of the month, the series endeavours to provide a space where the entire Caymanian community can gather to further their knowledge of Cayman and its neighbours, both past and present. Sessions are led by a combination of well known community members and academic experts who will discuss a wide range of topics pertaining to Cayman's history and culture.

Held in the Museum's Audiovisual Theatre, each session will be an intimate experience, including discussion and substantial interaction with session leaders. Anyone can attend, as our sessions are suited to both those with prior knowledge of Caymanian history and culture, and those newer to our islands.


Missed a few of our Speaker Series events? Check out full videos of from our Speakers, filmed by Government Information Services below, and catch them when they air on CIGTV:


October 2014 - Dr. Amanda Adams -  Senior Marine Archaeologist for Tesla Offshore

"Shipwrecks in the Dark: Archaeology at 3,000 m BSL"

Continuing advances in marine technology allow scientists to explore deeper and deeper areas of the world's oceans, often resulting in surprising finds. This talk features recent shipwreck discoveries from the deepwater Gulf of Mexico, and introduces some of the methods and challenges of working at extreme depths.

Full video

August 2014 - Dr. Christopher Williams - Assistant Professor of Social Sciences at the University College of the Cayman Islands 

"History of Carnival"

Full video

March 5th - The Cayman Islands Catboat Club - A conversational talk with the Catboat Club on all things catboats, from life at sea, to building boats and the social/cultural significance of the watercraft

March 19th -Dr. Paula Grace Anderson; Faculty Member/Professor - University College of the Cayman Islands - A talk on the symbolism and archetypes in the literary work of Roy Bodden, with emphasis on his book A Gathering of Old Men, discussing the Cayman Islands in transition

Full video

April 2nd 2013- Mrs. Olive Miller; Exhibit Honoree and longtime community altruist - A conversational, narrative history, where Mrs. Olive will discuss her life and work in the Cayman Islands over the past 65 years

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April 23rd 2013 - Capt. Paul Hurlston - A conversational, narrative history, where Capt. Paul will tell stories of his life at sea, maritime navigational practices, and the people he met and places he saw over his many years working on steamships

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May 7th - Dr. Peggy Leshikar-Denton; Director, Cayman Islands National Museum - A media presentation on the maritime archaeological sites, projects, and initiatives in the Cayman Islands, past, present, and future

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May 21st - Henry Muttoo, M.B.E. Artistic Director, Cayman National Cultural Foundation - Following the Batabano season, a talk on carnival, its themes, influences, and cultural significance in the Caribbean region and worldwide