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Youtube Video Archive

Educational Video Archive of our various Programmes and Events at the National Museum

Speaker Series Video Archive
Capt. Paul Speaker Series

National Museum Speaker Series,

Capt. Paul Hurlston

Dr Anderson Speaker Series

National Museum Speaker Series,

Dr. Anderson, Symbols & Archetypes in the Literature of Roy Bodden: The Cayman Islands in Transition

Amanda Evans Speaker Series

National Museum Speaker Series, Ship Wrecks - Amanda Evans

Speaker Series Lecture, Cayman's 1794 Wreck of the Ten Sail, 18 Feb 2020, Dr Peggy Leshikar-Denton

William White Speaker Series

National Museum Speaker Series, William H White, author of the "Gun Bay" (Historical Novel)

Olive Miller Speaker Series

National Museum Speaker Series, A Mission of Service - Mrs. Olive Miller

Dr. Peggy Speaker Series

National Museum Speaker Series,

Dr Peggy Leshikar Denton Maritime Heritage

Della Scott Ireton Speaker Series

National Museum Speaker Series, Ship Wrecks - Della Scott Ireton

Theresa Pitcairn

National Museum Speaker Series, Pertinacity, Pageantry & Politics: A purposeful life beyond the crown - Theresa Pitcairn

Craig Merren

National Museum Speaker Series, My Bicycle & I - Craig Merren

Screen Shot 2019-08-15 at 9.13.58 AM.png

Speaker Series Lecture, Collecting & Preserving Historical Objects

Speaker: Mr Alvin McLaughlin

Tink Fass Thusday: Question 1

Tink Fass Thursday: Question 1

Word Meaning Wednesdy: Looky' ya!

Word Meaning Wednesday:

Looky' Ya!

Tink Fass Thusday: Question 2

Tink Fass Thursday: Question 2

Tink Fass Thusday: Question 3

Tink Fass Thursday: Question 3

Tink Fass Thursday: Question 5

Tink Fass Thursday: Question 5

Word Meaning Wednesdy: Gapseed

Word Meaning Wednesday:


Tink Fass Thursday: Question 4

Tink Fass Thursday: Question 4

Word Meaning Wednesdy: Door mout'

Word Meaning Wednesday:

Door mout'

Word Meaning Wednesdy: Jon-jo

Word Meaning Wednesday:


Tink Fass Thursday: Question 6

Tink Fass Thursday: Question 6

Tink Fass Thursday: Question 7

Tink Fass Thursday: Question 7

Word Meaning Wednesdy: Foo-fool

Word Meaning Wednesday:


Word Meaning Wednesdy: Sharpnuh

Word Meaning Wednesday:


Tink Fass Thursday: Question 9

Tink Fass Thursday: Question 9

Tink Fass Thursday: Question 8

Tink Fass Thursday: Question 8

Word Meaning Wednesdy: Ketch

Word Meaning Wednesday:


Word Meaning Wednesdy: Broughtupsy

Word Meaning Wednesday:


Tink Fass Thursday: Question 10

Tink Fass Thursday: Question 10

Word Meaning Wednesdy: Pungkin

Word Meaning Wednesday:


Word Meaning Wednesdy: Nize

Word Meaning Wednesday:


Tink Fass Thursday: Question 11

Tink Fass Thursday: Question 11

Word Meaning Wednesdy: Onlis

Word Meaning Wednesday:


Word Meaning Wednesdy: Choile

Word Meaning Wednesday:


Tink Fass Thursday: Question 12

Tink Fass Thursday: Question 12

Word Meaning Wednesdy: Whooh

Word Meaning Wednesday:


Word Meaning Wednesday: Ting Deh

Word Meaning Wednesday:

Ting deh

Tink Fass Thursday: Question 13

Tink Fass Thursday: Question 13

Screen Shot 2018-08-08 at 12.13.38

Word Meaning Wednesday:


Screen Shot 2018-08-09 at 10.58.07

Tink Fass Thursday: Question 14

Word Meaning Wednesdy: Awlikipitance

Word Meaning Wednesday:


Screen Shot 2018-09-19 at 8.47.27 AM.png

Word Meaning Wednesday:


25th Anniversary Artefacts

National Museum 25th Anniversary Artefacts


Speaker Series: The Discovery of Self through the Empowerment from Dance


Speaker Series: Creating a Space for Cayman Literature (in Cayman Classrooms)

Screen Shot 2018-09-26 at 11.24.38

Word Meaning Wednesday:



Speaker Series: "Caytharsis": Diagnosis, Treatment, and Healing Through Cayman Poetry


Speaker Series: No Longer on Colonial Territory: Barbadian Republicanism and the Future of Caribbean Nationalism

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