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Stay at Home Exhibition

Develop and Curate your own exhibition with the theme: 'Isolation'. 

Stay at Home - Children's Activity

There is an infectious virus that is spreading around the world.  Your school has been closed, museums and businesses are closed, and most moms and dads who are not essential workers are at home.

We want you to continue to engage with our museum. Museum curators create fun, engaging and educational exhibitions. We are challenging you to become your own curator.  While you are at home, develop your own exhibition.  The theme or the topic for this exhibition is isolation.  It will cover topics on things you miss, things that are important to you and how you are coping. Title your exhibition, ‘[Place your First Name Here, First Letter of your Last Name] Cayman COVID-19 Stay at Home Exhibition. For example, your exhibition title will be 'ZillyK Cayman COVID-19 Stay at Home' Exhibition.

When you have finished your exhibition, share it with your parent of guardian for their approval. Then email your digital exhibition to


  1. Choose 10 items in your home’. Tell us why each item is important. Describe each in one in a paragraph.

  2. Choose 3-5 pictures you have photographed yourself of things in your home or drawings that you have created and tell us about how you feel at this time. Do you enjoy being home?  Do you miss school?  Are you happy, sad, anxious, or scared?

  3. Create a Poster? Design a catchy advertisement for your exhibition.

  4. Create a promotional video.


We join museums around the world to showcase the best videos or exhibitions digitally on our website.


  • Practice all online safety measures. Most important do not share your full name in any videos or exhibitions.

  • Never give out your personal information like exactly where you live or what school you attend.

  • Get your parents permission before you forward any information to us.

  • If you feel uncomfortable at any time with anything you are doing or have received, be smart and tell an adult.

Stay at Home - Exhibition by James Eyers
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